SunRui BalClorTM Ballast Water Treatment Systems

All our systems have a USCG Type Approval

TAS & Company BV is the exclusive agent for SunRui BalClorTM Ballast Water Treatment Systems . The BalClorTM Systems are based on the so-called ” Sidestream Electrolysis ” principle. The ballast water is first filtered by a backwashing filter. This filter removes all organisms of a size larger than 50 microns . Disinfection: A small side stream of the ballast water is delivered to the electrolysis unit to generate oxidant in high concentration (mainly sodium hypochlorite solution), which will be injected back into the main ballast stream to provide effective disinfection. The sodium hypochlorite solution is a very effective germicide that can be kept in ballast water for a certain period of time to effectively kill the plankton, spores, larvae and pathogens in order to meet the D-2 standard. Neutralization: After the above procedures, once the TRO level of the treated ballast water is under 0.1 ppm, it can be discharged directly. If the TRO level is over 0.1ppm, neutralizer (sodium thiosulfate solution) will be added into the de-ballasting pipes to neutralize oxidants automatically. The system is very compact has very low maintenance costs and is available in units with a capacity of 100 to 5,000 m3/hr .


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